Here are the results for State Academic Decathlon 2022

Marsing High School 2nd Place State Small Schools
Marsing High School 2nd Place State Small Schools SuperQuiz

Overall Student Medals
Ben Edwards- Silver Honors Small School
Llee Loucks- Bronze Scholastic Small School
Teresa Germann- Silver Varsity Small School

First Team
Lazarus Sevy- Honors

Gold- music
Silver- math, social science 
Bronze- Interview

Benjamin Edwards- Honors
Gold- econ, interview, 
Silver- literature, music, science

Emily Whitted- Honors
Gold- Social Science
Silver- art
Bronze- econ

Alexis Loucks- Scholastic
Silver- math
Bronze- essay, interview

Llee Loucks- Scholastic
Gold- interview
Silver- essay
Bronze- art

Jared Bowers- Scholastic
Gold- Art
Silver- speech
Bronze- science

Hailey Andrus- Varsity
Silver- Math, Essay

Nathan Madrid- Varsity
Gold- Art
Bronze- Music

Anna Gluch- Varsity
Silver- science, math
Bronze- Music

Second Team
Amelia Green- Honors
Gold-  Science
Bronze- Music, Art

Christal Ramirez- Scholastic
Gold- Math
Bronze- Music

Amanda Tuttle- Scholastic
Bronze- Literature

Audrie Miller- Scholastic
Gold- Speech

Teresa Germann- Varsity
Gold- Literature, Art, Essay
Silver- Music, Social Science
Bronze- Speech, Interview

Congratulations Everyone! 

Next year's theme is the American Revolution!