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Library Hours:
Monday - Thursday 6:30 AM-3:37 PM
Closed during lunch 11:45-12:15
Additional hours upon request


1. OPAC / MHS Card Catalog

2. Accelerated Reader Book Finder

3. Libraries Linking Idaho

4. Internet Public Library

5. Canyon Owyhee Library Group Video and DVD catalog

Explanations and descriptions of these resources are below.

1. OPAC / MHS Card Catalog

Students must come to the library to check materials out. Patrons outside the school district must request materials through their own local library using Interlibrary loan.

2. Accelerated Reader Book Finder

Use this site to find if a book is an AR book and its reading levels, quiz number, and a short summary the book.

Prior to January 31, 2016 no matter what it shows in Accelerated Reader Book Finder, Marsing School District has access to all 140,000+ Accelerated Reader quizzes, kindergarten through adult interest level.

High School keycode: CO096422 - will allow the user to see the books available in the Marsing High School Library (shown in red), in addition to MHS teacher-made book lists for students, when the keycode is entered.

3. Libraries Linking Idaho

PS = Primary source document PR=Peer Reviewed

Academic Search Premier - full-text of over 4,600 journals for college and university level subjects PS & PR

American Decades - analyzes periods of contemporary American social history

Automobile Reference Center - contains information for repairs, repair-time estimates, recalls, and maintenance notification for most major vehicle makes back to 1945

CIS - Idaho Career Information System - only comprehensive source of national information as well as specific information about training and employment options in Idaho

Cities of the United States - provides vital information on 199 of America’s top cities

Contemporary Novelists - includes biographies, bibliographies and critical essays on approximately 650 contemporary writers, includes nationality and title indexes

Contemporary Poets - provides bibliographies and biographical information on 787 of the world’s most important contemporary English-language poets

Cyberbullying Prevention - guide to videos, tips, and content for parents, students, and educators

Drugs & Controlled Substances: Info for Students - provides detailed information on the physiological and psychological effects of addictive drugs and substances, including illegal substances, prescription, and over-the-counter medications

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture - articles on food and its place in culture and society

Encyclopedia of Science, Technology & Ethics - for information on professional ethics of science and technology, and the ethical and political issues raised by science and technology

Gale Encyclopedia of the Unusual & Unexplained - topics relating to mysterious phenomena

Gale Virtual Reference Library - ebooks for research by subject; example of titles - College Blue Book, American Decades, Complete Human Diseases and Conditions, Contemporary Novelists, & Real-Life Math

Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopia - articles on animals from everywhere on the globe

Idaho Citizen Resources - a collection of tools to help Idahoans interact with and understand news and government activities

Idaho Digital Resources - digital images of Idaho publication by Idaho state agencies PS

Idaho Online Resources - Official Website for the State of Idaho PS

Kids Search - resources specifically for elementary/middle school students PS

Learning Express Library - a collection of test preparation tools, skill-building materials, and career resources to use to prepare for college and career, education tutoring, software tutorials, and workforce development practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses and information

Literary Themes for Students: Race & Prejudice - examines themes of race and prejudice found in literature, includes author profiles and highlights on more than 50 major works centered around the theme

Literary Themes for Students: The American Dream - examines the themes related to the American Dream found in literature

Literary Themes for Students: War & Peace - covers general reference subject areas including business, health, education, general science, multicultural issues and more

MAS Ultra - contains content from popular high school magazines covering a wide range of subject areas including history, science, careers and more PS & PR

MasterFILE Premier - full-text of almost 1,700 general interest magazines PS & PR

Media Online @ Your Library - self-paced guide to finding news and Idaho information

Medline - content from biomedical and health journals used by health care professionals, nurses, clinicians and researchers engaged in clinical care, public health and health policy development.

Middle Search Plus- full-text of more than 150 popular middle school magazines PS & PR

Military & Government Collection - designed to offer current news through a collection of periodicals, academic journals and other content pertinent to the increasing needs for all branches of the military and government PS & PR

Newspaper Source Plus - comprehensive full-text access to major newspapers plus television and radio news transcripts

Notable Sports Figures - a close look at the people in sports who have captured attention because of success on the playing field, or controversy off the playing field

Novelist - find fiction reading recommendations for all ages, search by book title, author, genre, or key plot points and find information about a book series and discussion guides for book groups

Nutrition & Well-Being A-Z - examines the relationship between food and health on a historical, national and personal level. It analyzes how nutrition has affected quality of life, health and fitness in various countries at different times in history

Political Theories for Students - provides in-depth information on major political theories and systems from all time periods

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection - access to top psychology and behavioral sciences journals PR

Real Life Math - helps students better understand commonly studied math concepts by illustrating their use in everyday life and designed to support mathematics curriculum

Real Life Math: Everyday Use of Mathematical Concepts - Math concepts are presented with multiple examples of how each is applied in everyday environments

Religion & Philosophy Collection - scholarly content for researchers and students of theology and philosophical studies PR

Scientific Thought in Context - a comprehensive guide to the history of science, supports curriculums in biology, chemistry, physical science, physics, and Earth science PS

Scout: Classroom Edition - video clips and multimedia tools for use in K12 classrooms in all subject areas, includes lesson plans and searchable by grade level and subject

Scout: Idaho Edition - full length videos from Idaho Public Television in areas of adventure, culture, natural resources, Idaho, conversations with writers, and more.

Shakespeare for Students - a collection of essential criticism to the Shakespeare’s most-popularly-studied plays and poetry in secondary schools and undergraduate curricula

Student Research Center - search Newspaper Source Plus, Middle Search Plus, Health Source, MAS Ultra, TOPICsearch & Vocational and Career Collection all at one time PS & PR

Television in American Society - content shows how television has reflected and influenced American society and culture throughout its history

TOPICsearch - explores current events, social, political, economic, scientific, and other popular topics frequently discussed in the classroom PS & PR

UXL Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes - offers students detailed studies of approximately 88 tribes from all over the United States and Canada, including small tribes and some that no longer exist

UXL Encyclopedia of Science - provides information on scientific theories, life forms, inventions, controversies and discoveries

UXL Encyclopedia of Weather & Natural Disasters - covers weather basics, climate, natural disasters, and the effects of human activities on the weather and advances in new technology.

UXL Encyclopedia of World Mythology - helps students understand how mythologies reflect cultures and remain meaningful in society today.

Vocational & Career Collection - provides coverage for trade and industry-related journals for high schools, community colleges, trade institutions and the general public PR

Western Expansion Reference Library - features content dedicated to events, people and insightful primary sources that present an objective yet entertaining look at frontier life PS

World Book Advanced - for high school or new college students, includes multimedia, e-book center with public domain content, and primary source documentsPS

World Book Discover - designed for striving readers and ESL/ELL learners, features uncluttered interface, easy-to-understand content, text-to-speech capabilities, research tools, multimedia and interactive videos, and useful activities including life skills activities (smart shopping in the supermarket, paying for a car, housing costs, etc.)

World Book Student - database with more than 40,000 reference articles, a Biography Center, dictionary, atlas, plus multimedia, trivia quizzes and editor-selected web sites, correlated to curriculum standards

LiLI Unlimited Catalog is a statewide library database to identify and locate materials in libraries throughout Idaho. Currently, over 200 academic, public, and school libraries participate in the program including all 3 libraries in the Marsing School District. Search here if you want to locate and interlibrary loan / borrow a book from another library; just give the information to your school librarian.

4. Internet Public Library - Information You Can Trust - web directory to websites by subject plus a lot more 

5. Canyon Owyhee Library Group Video and DVD catalog - educational videos and DVD for teachers and students to interlibrary loan from local libraries through the Marsing High School Library


Marsing High School Media Center

The Marsing High School Media Center serves approximately 245 ninth through twelfth grade students and an instructional staff of 20. The 6,500 titles and 8,500 volumes in the book collection averages a circulation of 3,000 check outs per school year. In addition, MHS students have access to millions of books and resources through the State of Idaho funded Libraries Linking Idaho website, LiLI The MHS collection consists of fiction and non-fiction books, a reference and Spanish section, videos and a multiple copy collection. There are 23 computers for students to use. A full-time certified library specialist administers this media center and supervises the other two media centers in the district. The media specialist selects, purchases, and catalogs materials for all three libraries at the high school library.

Students are responsible for the materials they check out. Most library materials are checked out for two weeks, with longer checkouts available upon request. If materials become overdue, students are charged $ .10 a day for each day overdue, excluding weekends, holidays, and days the student is absent all day from school. Interlibrary loan materials are checked out for approximately two weeks. Overdue Interlibrary loan materials are charged at a rate of $ .25 per day overdue. Reference materials, magazines, laptop computers and videos are checked out overnight with an overdue fine of $ .25 per day. Students with lost materials are charged at the replacement cost of the same or similar item or the fine amount; whichever is larger.

Marsing High School students participate in the annual Young Reader’s Choice Award voting, sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Library Association, In addition, at the end of the school year, the three students with the most Accelerated Reader points receive an award and money.


  • Interlibrary Loans
  • Research Project Planning
  • Book Selection Assistance
  • Teach Instructional Research Strategies
  • Renaissance Place - STAR and Accelerated Reader testing
  • School Supplies Store - profits go toward the purchase of library materials, equipment, postage and awards