Senior Connections

This section is dedicated to the seniors in helping them along their chosen college and career path. This webpage will keep you up to date on events and important information to better prepare you for your future career and college plans.

1. You should have already taken the SAT or ACT or be registered for the next available test date (See SAT and ACT link) if you plan on attending a four year university.

2. There is a great resource to aid in the college application process and to help keep your college applications organized. It is the College Application Checklist which is located at the webpage. Check this one out!

3. First day to file for the FAFSA is January 1st.

4. Don't forget!! February 15 is the priority enrollment deadline for students applying to public schools in Idaho. You must apply by this date for school scholarship consideration.

You must have these 5 items received by your school to be considered for scholarships.

1. Application must be complete.

2. Application fee must be paid.

3. ACT/SAT scores must be sent to your school.

4. FAFSA must be completed and sent to your school.

5. High school transcripts must be sent to your school.

If all 5 items are not sent to your Idaho school by February 15, you will not be considered for freshman college scholarships.

** Keep an Idaho school in your college options. There are many scholarships for Idaho students attending an Idaho college. We have great colleges here in Idaho! Take advantage of the low cost of in-state tuition!